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Editing EMF files in Microsoft Word

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Unfortunately, this tip only applies to Word versions up to 2003. In newer versions of Word, you're asked whether you want to transform the EMF to a Word draw object, after which you only get a grey background. Try other editing tools for EMF files.

SAS/Graph can create EMF files (Enhanced Meta Files) for the Windows platform. These are high quality vector graphics and thus can be resized without loss of quality. EMF graphics can be edited in Microsoft Word by right-clicking the graph and selecting "Edit Picture". There is a caveat though: any rotated text (e.g. the label of the vertical axis) in the figure will revert to horizontal.

Luckily, there's an easy correction. Select the text in question (just click on it anywhere). Then choose "Format", "Text Direction", and click on the appropriate Orientation. You can then proceed to edit the graph.

For more information on EMF graphics, see

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