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Elite Technology Solutions SAS EBI Opening

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Note: This employment opportunity has expired and is no longer available. It has been retained for historical interest only.
For current listings see Employment opportunities.


Elite is seeking a consulting resource with SAS Enterprise Business Intelligence experience to lead a consulting engagement with a northern Ohio based customer for a requirements definition, pilot development and knowledge transfer initiative. Possibility for ongoing EBI development.

Project will be on-site and off-site.

Please review the requirements below and let me know if you or one of your consultants have the background to support the following and availability. We have a signed contract for this project and customer is ready to start soon.

Engagement Summary:

1. Requirements Gathering

  a. Analyze Business Requirements 
     i.Relevant to reports in scope 

2. Project Definition

  a. Define approach for Pilot Development  and Knowledge Transfer   
  b. Define short-term needs and consider long-term objectives
  c. Design 
     i. Define Pilot Applications.   Potential applications  could be:
         1. Standard reports
         2. Ad hoc reports
         3. Different report delivery mechanisms (html, pdf, email, web interactive, OLAP, etc...)
  d. Data definition
     i. Identification of data sources and data elements
     ii. Define target data structure(s) to support SAS EBI environment 

3. SAS EBI pilot development

  a. Development of specific pilot applications based on definition phase  
     i. Applications could include: 
         1. SAS Portal Applications
         2. SAS Dashboard Applications
         3. Using SAS/Enterprise Guide (EG) as a development tool for the stored processes which are a critical component of the
            SAS EBI environment 
         4. SAS Web OLAP Viewer to provide “what if” analysis
         5. Graphically oriented reporting applications 
         6. Web Report Studio and Information Maps 
         7. Microsoft Office Add-in (AMO) applications
         8. Evaluate the SAS "base" reporting application approach if the desired functionality cannot be delivered in SAS EBI.   
  b. Data - ETL  to support  SAS EBI applications.  
  c. Testing / Implementation

4. Documentation Creation

5. Knowledge Transfer

6. Ongoing Consulting and Support