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Enterprise Guide for Business Analysts

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Enterprise Guide for Business Analysts


Sunil Gupta,

- CDISC for Medical Device Team (Industry Expert)

- Subject Matter Expert for Edit Check Design Principles Chapter in Good Clinical Data Management Practices (GCDMP)

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Business Analysts will find that SAS’s new Enterprise Guide makes it easier to perform data analysis and reporting. Using the task-oriented menus reduces the time to deliver results. This presentation shows simple step-by-step instructions on how real-world business-related questions can be answered using Enterprise Guide. With a better understanding of product sales, you can predict trends for better planning. With Enterprise Guide, you have access to the full power of SAS’s analytic capabilities without writing any SAS code. Learn SAS programming the easy way and automatically generate SAS code for your reports. This paper will feature Enterprise Guide version 3.0.

This paper addresses the following topics:

- SAS Enterprise Guide: The Basics

- Selecting Analysis and Reporting Tasks

- Producing Reports for Distribution

Download SAS Paper

Media: Enterprise_Guide_for_Business_Analysts.pdf

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(Useful for Enterprise Guide Users also!)