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Essential ODS Techniques for Creating Reports in PDF

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Patrick Thornton Bio at SRI Internation


From: Thornton, S. P. (2006) ‘Essential ODS Techniques for Creating Reports in PDF.’ Paper in the Proceedings of the 14th Annual Western Users of SAS® Software Conference, Irvine, California


This paper lists and briefly describes ODS techniques that I have found most useful in capturing SAS 9 results and creating user friendly PDF reports on a Windows operating system. The techniques are presented for the beginning SAS user with examples and references to more detailed papers. The ODS techniques include capturing one-way frequency output to a data set, creating a PDF document, changing styles, controlling page setup (e.g. orientation, date, title, and footnote), using PUT, and formatting and traffic-lighting PROC REPORT.

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Essential ODS Techniques for Creating Reports in PDF
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