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Essential SAS® ODS PDF

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Patrick Thornton Bio at SRI Internation


From: Thornton, S. P. (2010). Essential SAS® ODS PDF. Paper presented at the Eighteenth Annual Western Users of the SAS® Software Conference, San Diego, CA.


This paper lists and demonstrates the ODS techniques that I have found most useful in creating user friendly PDF reports in SAS® 9.2 on a Windows operating system. Basic ODS techniques include creating PDF files (e.g. ODS PDF FILE= STYLE= KEYWORD= COLUMNS=), modifying page setup (e.g. orientation, date, title, and footnote), and saving procedural output to data sets (e.g. ODS OUTPUT), The examples also demonstrate simultaneously creating two PDF destinations (i.e. ODS PDF ID=) and selectively including or excluding procedural output to each destination (e.g. ODS PDF SELECT, EXCLUDE and WHERE=). Two PDF files are simultaneously created where PROC FREQ listings are directed to one file and selected PROC FREQ results are combined with PROC REPORT to create an executive summary in the other PDF file.


he goal of this paper is to demonstrate the techniques I have used most frequently to produce nice looking PDF files containing output from SAS procedures. This paper is not an introduction to ODS, ODS PDF, or PROC REPORT. Featured capabilities are simultaneously creating more than one PDF file and including only selected parts of PROC FREQ in one or the other PDF file.

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