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Exploring Dictionary Tables with PROC SQL Webinar (2006)

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Exploring Dictionary Tables with PROC SQL (2006)


Author: Kirk Paul Lafler, Software Intelligence Corporation


SAS® users can quickly and conveniently obtain useful information about their SAS session with a number of read-only SAS data files called DICTIONARY tables or SASHELP views. At any time during a SAS session, information about system options, librefs, table names, column names and attributes, formats, indexes, and more can be accessed. This webinar explores the purpose of DICTIONARY tables and SASHELP views, how they are accessed, and what information is available.


SAS support personnel and programmers


webinar, sas, metadata, dictionary tables, system tables, sashelp views

Online Materials

View the webinar at Exploring Dictionary Tables with PROC SQL (SAS Press, 2006)

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