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Extending the Use of PROC PHREG in Survival Analysis

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Proc PHREG is a powerful SAS® tool for conducting proportional hazards regression. Its utility, however, can be greatly extended by auxiliary SAS code. We describe our adaptation of a group of existing public domain SAS survival analysis macros, as well as our development of additional control, management, display, and other macros, to accommodate a project with requirements that included:

  • large data sets to be analyzed in counting process format and containing time-varying covariates
  • missing data requiring multiple imputation procedures
  • varying combinations of covariates, outcome events, censoring mechanisms, and origin definitions resulting in several hundred different models

We also describe how to provide in this analysis process for:

  • Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)
  • assessment of model assumptions
  • consolidation of multiple analyses
  • final output HTML displays packaged for easy access

Tools extending the capabilities of PHREG are already available-- join us to learn more about them.

Online Materials

View the pdf for this paper.

Additional details on the construction of the data set used as input to the PHREG procedure described in this paper can be found in this sasCommunity article on fuzzy merges.

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