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Welcome to, a web site for all users of the SAS System. This is a Wiki-based web site, which means that anyone can edit almost any page. This means that uses can add or change forums (sort of like chat rooms or bulletin boards), blogs, home pages, collaborate with other users, and many other things. The site is accessible without creating a User name or logging in, although you have to do both in order to edit pages. This page is a list of the features of It started from the planning process started by the SAS Global Forum User Group Executive Board in the Fall of 2006. It was then used as a requirements document for selecting the infrastructure for the site. Additional features have been suggested during the preview period for the site.

Each feature is a link to another page where documentation about the intent of the feature is described. Please use the discussion tab of this page to discuss new features or add another feature to the list and start a new page to document the intended use or implementation of the feature. Again use the discussion tab to talk about a feature and try to add alternatives to the page rather than just erasing an earlier author's text!


General Navigation on Site

Some insights about how users are able to navigate to find the various features of the site.

User Blogs Feature

Any user who has created an id for themselves is empowered to create their own blog. Each user has a my blog link at the top of the page. Go to Bloggers Corner for a list of blogs.

User Home Page Feature

User home pages are provided to every registered user. Click on your username at the top of the page to get to your homepage. It will help other users for you to tell the rest of us who you are and what you are interested in. You are welcome to include your LinkedIn profile.

FAQ Wiki Feature

We have now named this the Sasopedia. Articles are tagged with multiple categories to create a browseable index. Share your SAS insights with others here.

User Registration Feature

An email address must be provided and confirmed for registering users. Note that this email address is not exposed on the site. Setting appropriate options in my preferences allows the user to receive email through the site from other users or for pages that are being watched.

Provider's Registry Feature

Consultants, trainers and others who offer services to the SAS community are welcome to create an article describing their services. This is implemented by using categories and a link on the main menu to the Category:Provider Registry.

Presenters' Uploads Feature

Supplemental material to presentations at SAS Global Forum or other user group meetings can be uploaded and linked using the category Category:Presentations.

Job Registry Feature

An Category:Opportunity Registry has been created. Employers who wish to hire or contract with SAS professionals can create articles describing the position.

Archived video Presentation Feature

We are using Google Video to provide free and open access hosting of any video. Pages can link to Google video or other sites which stream video using standard http: links.

SAS Journal Feature

Establishing an electronic, peer reviewed journal for SAS users is a great idea. If you would like to develop this concept more, add your ideas to SAS Journal Feature.

Site Search Feature

Search is built in for all wiki content including uploaded documents (PDF, DOC, PPT, etc).

Mailing List Manager Feature

An original requirement was to provide a traditional mailing list manager (e.g. LISTSERV). Given the ability for users to "watch" a page, it is not clear that this functionality is needed.

UserGroup websites

Some user groups have expressed an interest in having being able to host websites. Articles describing the user group and its activities can be created by any user group. Categories should be used to link back to Category:User Groups.

Forums Feature

The site currently supports Forums.

Survey Feature

A desired feature would be to allow surveys to be conducted among users about directions in which they would like the site to grow or other issues about the use of SAS.

User Group Voting Feature

A desired feature is to allow voting, especially for the Executive Boards of User Groups.

Live Webcast Feature

This is currently not part of the site. If the community needs this, then a streaming server and video facilities will warrant further discussion.

Archives of User Group Proceedings Feature

We need to have more discussion with the user groups that presently host their own proceedings. The site has been set up to host non-wiki content so this is a possibility, but such a site design has not been created yet.

Integration of non-wiki content into the wiki search will need considerable work and needs more discussion.

Archives of SAS-L Feature

This can be done. The site has been set up to host non-wiki content as well.

Integration of non-wiki content into wiki search will need considerable work and needs more discussion.

Calendar Feature

We are currently investigating several extensions to MediaWiki to support calenders. There is an Category:Events currently on the site.

Presenter Biography Feature

Short bios of frequent user group / conference paper presenters.

Incoming RSS feeds from external sources

As more SAS related content becomes available via RSS feeds from other sites, it may be appropriate to supporing incoming RSS feeds. Another idea is whether the search engine should reach out into these other sources of information.


There is also a Bug Page

SAS-L implications and coexistence

A page has been added to discuss implications, strategies and priorities of this community vis-a-vis SAS-L, as well as whether and how to have additional discussion at the SAS-L BOF at SAS Global Forum 2007.