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Here are some tips for How to share your SAS knowledge with your professional network.


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Starting Points

  • The forums previously hosted on have been removed as the underlying software did not meet the needs of the community. The Advisory Board is reviewing options and other tools. If you have any thoughts or comments regarding Forums on, please comment on the discussion tab.

Additional Information about Forums

Forums are a facility on the World Wide Web for holding discussions and posting user generated content and data from around 1995. They address a similar requirement/function as the dial-up bulletin boards and Internet newsgroups, such as the SAS-L list. As recognized by the members of the SAS-L list, forums foster a sense of virtual community. For visitors who are not familiar with forums, the definition on Wikipedia provides a good overview.

Typically Forums are specific to certain general areas or class of topics. Any user can read and respond to a posting in any topic. Likewise, any user can create a new topic (sometimes called a thread in Internet newsgroups).