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Free Online Presentations from the Virtual SAS Users Group (VirtualSUG)

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The Virtual SAS Users Group (VirtualSUG) is a new and rapidly evolving resource for the SAS user community.

Since VirtualSUG's inception thousands of SAS users from around the world have taken advantage of this free, internet-based, opportunity to gain insights in to core SAS Software capabilities from the convenience of their home or office.

Several times each month we offer a range of 50-minute presentations covering a wide array of SAS topics via the internet. Many of these presentations are also regularly given at in-person events such as SAS Global Forum, regional and local SAS Users Groups.

Please visit to see our current schedule of presentations and to learn more about this resource. Or, we can be reaching via email at

Attending VirtualSUG events is free. You watch the presentation on your computer screen and listen to it via telephone. You may communicate with the presenter via a "chat" application that is part of hte online meeting service.

VirtualSUG does not charge anything to attend these sessions, nor do we receive any revenue from attendees. You are responsible for paying the cost of the inbound telephone call. That cost is whatever you, or your employer, pays your telephone service provider for long distance services.

Note: This is the second time information about VirtualSUG has been posted on The first post has somehow magically "disappeared," which seems contrary to the aims of the providers of the If you don't like VirtualSUG, or you have some issue or concern with the individuals providing this service, please contact them directly rather than deleting this posting.