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GEOCODE procedure

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The GEOCODE procedure is use to add geographic coordinates e.g. latitude and longitude values (geocode) to an address or other location information. After geocoding, the coordinates can be used to display information on a map or processed in other ways, such as to calculate distances. Geocoding can also be used to add other attribute values such as census blocks to an address.


PROC GEOCODE <options> ;


DATA = address dataset
The address dataset is a required option, however if DATA= option is omitted then the most recently created SAS dataset will be used.
OUT = output dataset
The output dataset contains a copy of the address dataset with geocode information added. What is added to the output dataset depends on the other options that are used. If the OUT= option is omitted then the output dataset is given a unique name.
more options exist - see documentation listed below for more information.

Further reading

SAS Reference Documentation

  • SAS/GRAPH: Reference - GEOCODE Procedure: Versions: [9.2], [9.3], 9.4