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Job Description

To keep the site so that it is attractive and useful, individual users need to take responsiblity for weeding the content. All users are actually empowered with rights which allow them to: change articles to remove objectionable content; edit articles to make them more attractively formatted; add categories to make them more easy to locate the article; look for orphan articles (no other article links to the article) and create links to it; etc.


The gratitude of and a feeling of having contributed something useful to others.

Application Process

Send email to Statprof or Donh.

Basic Gardening Tasks


Categories provide the foundation for how users navigate thru the site and find pages of interest. A user could start by looking at a book in Category:SAS Books

  • See the product category tag that it belongs to, then
  • Click on the category to see other articles and find:
    • Articles,
    • Books,
    • Presentations,
    • Users with expertise is the topic,
    • and so on.

So one of the most important gardeing tasks is to make sure that the categories make sense. Some typical problems that will often occur as users either use (or don't use) category tags are:

  • Does the category make sense?
  • Does the category represent a different name or a different spelling for an existing category? If so the category tags need to be updated to reflect the exisiting category. Some examples of such issues are:
    • Categories for older versions of products - e.g. ETL Studio vs. SAS Data Integration Studio
    • Not following the convention of including SAS in the product names - e.g., SAS Data Integration Studio vs. Data Integration Studio
  • If the category makes sense, but the category page does not exist, create it and put the standard text about how use the category by adding the a reference to the template {{putincategory}} (note that some categories have their own template - check a sibling category to see how it was defined).
  • For categories where there is an hierarchy (e.g., Geography), is the category at the right level? For example, in the US, Category:Local User Groups should probably have category tags for their States instead of the category tag for the USA.
  • There is an optional argument on the Category tag that controls the letter/sort where the page is listed on the Category page. That is used, for example, in the by Product category in Sasopedia. Sometimes that argument gets forgotten, or the user who created the Category tag does not know about it.

There are a number of Special Pages (at the bottom of the left hand menu) that can greatly assist in finding pages to garden:

  • A list of pages and categories that have been recently changed.
  • Pages that don't have any category tags at all. This might be OK if the page is linked to from elsewhere, but it is typically not a good idea to have a page with no categories at all.
  • Pages with lots of categories. This may be OK. But sometimes users overdo it. Or they just copy categories from other pages.
  • A list of all the categories defined or referenced in the wiki. This includes:
    • Categories where the category page does not exist. Perhaps the category pages needs to be created. Or perhaps the category is mistyped or ill-defined.
  • Categories with no parent category. Again, this might be OK.

Typos and formatting improvements

Many users will cut and paste text from Word or other word processing programs and may not be familiar with the formatting tags for the wiki. Help those users out and clean up their pages.

Likewise, many users don't know how to reference a URL with words in a hypertext link. The link will simply look like a number in brackets [ ]. Fix that for them.

Tell the page author why you made the change

Use the discussion page to note that you made a change and why you made it. It is good courtesy to explain your rationale. If the original author disagrees, they can rollback the change. Quite often however, they will appreciate your changes, especially if you explain the rationale.

And if you are not sure about the intent of the category, use the discussion tab to ask the author. You could also email them via the wiki, but if you use the discussion tab others can see and learn from your conversations.

New Gardening Tasks

Feel free to update this page with new gardening tasks. Or ask questions about them on the discussion tab.