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Here are some tips for How to share your SAS knowledge with your professional network.

General Navigation on Site

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There are two major ways to navigate the site.

  • Use the Search feature (found on the left side of every page) to use key words. The search facility now is supported by a Google appliance and includes uploaded documents.

  • Start with the sections on the main menu
    • The site is primarily using categories (or tags) as a way of automatically providing menus to allow navigation
    • A unique feature of Wiki based systems is that they tend to have a lot of links on the pages. You can identify them because the text will be in blue. Following them may be easier if you use a tabbed browser so that you can quickly return to where you were.
  • Other ways
    • In the Toolbox on the left click on special pages. Most of these special pages are automatically generated lists of various types.
    • Create an RSS feed from a page so you can access them from your RSS reader