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Glossary for Comments

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A Glossary for Program Comments

A wise man (whose name I cannot remember) once wrote: A beginner doesn't use comments. An intermediate user uses comments to explain what he did. An expert uses comments to explain what he did NOT do.

What goes in comments?



  • allocate, v.
  1. choose variable name
  2. assign value to variable
  • assign, v.,


  • lookup table, n., a table with a Primary Key that contains columns with text explanations;

fact tables are linked to lookup tables with FactTable.ForeignKey = LookUpTable.PrimaryKey; database term: dimension table; SAS shortcut: formats;


  • make


  • order, v., by-var,



  • set,
    • n., a list of items,
    • v., to assign
  • stratify, v., to arrange, to order, to stack: use by-var with procedures; proc freq cross-tab: tables A * B;


  • unique, to make unique: proc sort data = ... noduprecs|nodupkey; by by-var(s);

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