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Go Mobile with the ODS EPUB Destination

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The Base SAS Output Delivery System (ODS) makes it easy to generate reports for viewing on desktops. What about mobile devices? If you would like your reports on the go, then the new SAS 9.4 ODS EPUB destination is the ticket. With ODS EPUB, you can generate your reports as e-books that you can read with iBooks on the iPad – or, you can write an e-book from scratch if you like.

This paper will get you started writing e-books with ODS EPUB. Please bring your iPad, iPhone, or iPod to the presentation so that you can download and read the example e-books.

Online Materials

View the pdf for Go Mobile with the ODS EPUB Destination.

You can download the EPUB 3 e-book version of the presentation from the SAS accessibility site.

You can download the zip file of ODS EPUB programs from the presentation. The ODS EPUB e-books are available at the SAS accessibility site.

You can also see the PowerPoint Presentation.

Contact Info

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