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Good Programming Practice for Clinical Trials - Your input needed!

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Are you a SAS programmer working on clinical trials? If so we need your input!

Our aim is to encourage contributions from across companies, non-profit organizations and regulators with the objective of creating a consensus recommendation for Good Programming Practice for Clinical Trials using SAS. The ambition is that this becomes recognized by the Pharmaceutical Industry, Clinical Research and Health Care Organizations as well as Regulatory Authorities.

This creation of this document is being coordinated by an editorial board currently drawn from members of PHUSE, PSI, and Pharmasug.

We are currently drawing together ideas for SAS PROGRAMMING AND SUBMISSION PROCESS recommendations with a view to producing an initial set of recommendations later this year.

We still need your help! We will start editing recommendations from 18 September 2009 and would like to get as many contributions as possible before that date.

How can you contribute? To see draft recommendations to date and learn more , go to the SAS Community wiki page at Good Programming Practice for Clinical Trials.

You can contribute directly by editing the wiki. Recommendations can be added directly to the main page. Alternatively, if you have general ideas or comments for the document, please add these to the discussions tab. There is already a lot there, but please add anything that you think may be relevant even if it is similar to ideas already present. WE BELIEVE THAT EVERYONE CAN BENEFIT FROM THE DOCUMENT created through our SHARED EXPERIENCES.