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Group-By Processing vs. Procedures

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By-Group Processing in SAS®

First “dot” Notation vs. PROC SQL, MEANS, and SUMMARY

Rick Andrews, Office of Research, Development, and Information, Baltimore, MD


The phrase, “By-Group Processing” in SAS is generally meant to describe the aggregation of data within a sorted dataset using the BY statement of the DATA step. The summarization of information into logical segments is at the core of any query tool and SAS is no different in this respect. This document shall present the aspects of By-Group Processing using the DATA step as compared to the SAS procedures, SQL, MEANS, and SUMMARY.

The SAS syntax shown throughout the shaded areas will be displayed in uppercase letters and dataset or variable names and user supplied values will be in lowercase letters. The information herein is not meant to describe all aspects of By-Group Processing or provide a complete explanation of all available options. Rather to provide simple examples of how to group data together using the various methods. The reader should have a basic understanding of the DATA step and the concept of a SAS procedure.

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