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Hawaii SAS Users Group

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Welcome to the Home Page for the Hawaii SAS Users Group.

Hawaii SAS Users Group (HISUG) is the local SAS users group for the state of Hawaii.

HISUG is holding a SAS and WUSS sponsored event with lunch on Monday December 10, 2012 at The Queens Conference Center.

Information on how to register will be available in early November.

There will be two speakers and three presentations.

Bob Rodriquez, SAS Institute and president of the American Statistical Association this year

An overview talk about new features in STAT (2 hours)

Sunil Gupta, Gupta Programming

SAS® ODS Technology for Today's Decision Makers (50 minutes)

Have you ever wondered why there has been so much excitement about ODS ever since it was introduced? How does ODS significantly enhance the presentation quality of reports and create files that were never before possible from SAS? Have you ever thought about how ODS can directly improve your daily activities and what it actually has to offer you as a programmer, statistician or manager?

If you have ever had any of these questions about ODS, then this presentation is for you because it provides something for everyone at all levels. As a programmer, you can now create most any file types directly from SAS. In addition, the level of control and flexibility to format the output enables a higher degree of customization. As a statistician, you will want to take advantage of ODS for more efficient data analysis. The tools available in ODS facilitate multiple iterations of an analysis and ease of locating significant results. As a manager, you have various options to view and analyze your data and reports. Managers can access any SAS Procedure result or output as excel files for further review and understanding of the data with ODS's latest technology. This paper includes selected new features of SAS version 9.1.3.

Ready To Become Really Productive Using PROC SQL? (50 minutes)

Using PROC SQL, can you identify at least four ways to: select and create variables, create macro variables, create or modify table structure, and change table content? Learn how to apply multiple PROC SQL programming options through task-based examples. This presentation reviews topics in table access, retrieval, structure and content, as well as creating macro variables. References are provided for key PROC SQL books, relevant webinars, podcasts as well as key SAS® technical papers.