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For an introduction to a Wiki, please see Defining what a Wiki is and how to write good articles. - Your SAS® Site: What it is and How to Get Started is a PDF of a short paper that introduces the organization of sasCommunity and the process of creating an article. More tips on getting started can be viewed in YouTube videos in the article Where to Start.

Edit any page to see how it is marked-up. (just like "view-source" in your browser). For a starting list of what you can do, see the Help:Syntax Summary or a good article from Wikipedia on how to edit a page.

alt-s saves, alt-e edits, alt-t goes to the discussion page for the page your are viewing (t is for "talk). more Keyboard Shortcuts. On a mac, use ctrl instead of alt.

A link for logging in or logging out appears at the upper right corner of every sasCommunity window. Or, you can go there directly

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For new users

  • We suggest that one of the first things each new user does is to create their own home page. This is done by clicking on your userid at the top of the page when logged in. Please tell us your name, how you use SAS and other information which you think other members of would be interested in.
  • Another thing to do is to go to my preferences at the top of the page and set various options which are available to you. One which I have found important is to set your timezone so that all of the times on the site are given by your local time. Internally, everything is stored by GMT but MediaWiki is smart enough to translate to your local time if you tell it what your time zone is.
  • Your navigation experience may be better if you use a browser which supports tabbed browsing, e.g. Firefox, IE 7, or Opera.
  • If you want help about editing content see [1].
  • If you have disabled JavaScript, then editing content will be more awkward.
  • It is good practice when editing a page to use the Show preview button before actually storing it to make certain that you do not have minor formatting errors that you will want to change. That way, the system will only recognize significant changes in pages, not just minor layout issues.
  • Try HTML tags - many of them, e.g. <font color=purple> will work. The list of tags which will work is shown at [2]
  • If you cannot figure out how to do something that you see used on other pages, just look at the Wiki source by clicking the edit tab.
  • If you want to see who wrote something, just click on the history tab. If you click on their username, you will go to their personal page. If you want to send email to the person there is an option in the toolbox at the left. Select E-mail this user

How to place an Article in an existing Category

Add [[Category:Category Name]], e.g. [[Category:Book Reviews]] to the bottom of the page you want to appear in the list for that category.

How to add a new category

Just add a new [[Category:Something]] tag to the bottom of a page. Notice that this is exactly the same as placing the page in an existing category; that's how a wiki works. Note that the new category might not show up in the category list until you add a blurb on the category page, or add an article to the category.

How to Create a new Article:

Anyone, including you, can write for! Just type a title in the box below, click "Create article", and start writing:

another way

Type in a URL in your browser, and you'll be directed to the Edit page.

The URL will determine the page title.

If you want spaces in the page title (nice for readablility in the Category lists), use underscores in the URL.

another way

  1. Create a link to the new page from somewhere: [[New_Article]]
  2. follow the link and edit away.


External images can be included by putting a space, the url to the image, and followed with a space.

Art Celebrates the release of the book on the day before Easter

Internal images can be displayed after they have been uploaded. This includes resizing and adding a hover caption.

This image was uploaded and then displayed using the following [[image:ArtCelebrates.JPG|right|250px|Art Celebrates the release of the book on the day before Easter]]

Additional help on the display of images can be found at MediaWiki

Editing an Article

syntax summary

Practice Category

Use the Practice category to create test and practice articles. Experiment!!

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