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It is OK to ask for help.

Seeking help

You can ask for help by adding a question to an article's talk page. Though if you do please choose the best page for the question. Talk pages are normally used for questions about an article, so if your question is too far off the topic it will probably not be answered.

If you are seeking help with a SAS programming problem then there are probably better forums than the sasCommunity for posing your problem that you require a solution for. If you do put your problem to the sasCommunity, please do not be surprised if we do not answer it right away. This is a collaborative writing project rather than a service for providing solutions to SAS users' problems.

Self Help

For technical questions about SAS software:

  1. Search

Seeking someone to help you

If you are seeking help and have an employment opportunity then please consider listing it in the Opportunity Registry.