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Help:Syntax Summary

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Sections and subsections, paragraphs, newlines:

  • Sections and subsections result in automatic Table of Contents, section only editing, etc. These are all good things.
  • Just insert a line break to start a new line.
==Section Title here==
===Subsection Title here===
====even deeper nesting====

---- inserts Horizontal ruler (use sparingly)


  • Begin a line with one or more spaces to force typewriter font and ASCII indenting (it will automatically enclose it in the shadowbox, if that's part of the skin you're using.)

Text Appearance

  • Just use <tt> and </tt> to have inline typewriter font, like this.
  • Strike through text with <s> and </s>
  • underline text with <u> and </u>
  • Change text color by using <font color=red> ''text'' </font> read more. . .

Emphasizing Text

  • Bold and Italics are both forms of emphasis (and use a lot of single quotes), like this: Emphasize, strongly,very strongly.
''Emphasize'', '''strongly''',
'''''very strongly'''''

Creating Lists

Unordered Lists 
Use a *. More stars mean deeper levels.
Ordered Lists
Use a #. More hashes mean deeper levels.
Definition lists
Term bolding happens automatically. This is an example...
===Creating Lists===
;Unordered Lists : Use a *. More stars mean deeper levels. 
;Ordered Lists: Use a #. More hashes mean deeper levels. 
;Definition lists: Term bolding happens automatically. This is an example... 

Suppress Wiki-fication

  • Use <nowiki> and </nowiki> to interpret character references, and remove newlines and multiple spaces
  • Use <pre> and </pre> to keep newlines and multiple spaces, and get typewriter font, but interpret character references


  • If you enter [[Apache]], you see Apache.
  • If you enter [[help:contents|help page]], (that's wikiPage-pipe-phrase) you see help page
    • First letter of target is automatically capitalized.
    • Internally spaces are automatically represented as underscores (typing an underscore has the same effect as typing a space, but is not recommended).
Thus the link above is to, which is the page with the name "Video policy".
  • If you enter [ Google], (that's externalLink-space-phrase) you see Google

Emphasizing SAS Code

When your article includes SAS code you can format it so that it takes on many of the characteristics shown in the Enhanced SAS Editor. Surround your SAS code with

<source lang="sas"> sas_code_here</source>

Your program will look like this:

proc sql noprint;
select distinct age 
   into :idage1 - :idage99
      from sashelp.class;
%let agecnt = &sqlobs;