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Help Me! Switch to SAS® Enterprise Guide® from Traditional SAS®

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Andy Ravenna, SAS Institute Inc.


When first presented with SAS® Enterprise Guide®, many existing SAS® programmers do not know where to begin and want to understand “What’s in it for me?” if they switch over. These longtime users of SAS are accustomed to entering all their code into the Program Editor window and clicking Submit. This paper introduces SAS Enterprise Guide 6.1 to old and new users of SAS who need to code. It even points out advantages and tips that will demonstrate why a user would be excited about the switch. This paper focuses on the key points of a session involving coding and introduces new features. It also covers the top items for a user to consider when switching over to a server-based environment. Attendees will return to the office with a new motivation and confidence to start coding with SAS Enterprise Guide.


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One-Page Summary of Paper (Green Alternative)

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