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Hidden Gems in the SAS System

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Hidden Gems in the SAS® System

Steven First, President

Systems Seminar Consultants


The SAS system has a wealth of features that makes it so unique, and sometimes those features are not obvious or easy to find in documentation. This paper looks at several new features, as well as some features that have been around for a while, that we have found to be useful.

Features covered include:

  • in the DATA Step.
    • Raw data handling with INPUT and PUT statement features and options.
    • Reading data using Variable Lists and Format Lists.
    • Useful Informats and user written Informats.
    • How the special variables _ALL_, _CHARACTER_, _NUMERIC_, and _INFILE_ can be used.
    • Reading Comma Delimited data files with the INFILE DSD option.
    • Reading short and variable length records.
    • Reading and writing multiple files.
    • DATA step views.
    • Random access file reads using the SET KEY= Option.
    • Using the MODIFY statement to update a dataset.
    • Useful DATA step functions, including: QUOTE, DEQUOTE, MOD, RANUNI, PUT, and INPUT.
    • Dictionary tables.
    • SQL Pass-through facility.
  • Using the CPORT and CIMPORT procedures to export a SAS file from one operating system and import it into a different operating system.

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