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How I use SAS in my career: P.R. Swank

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name: Paul R. Swank 
education: Ph.D, University of Northern Colorado

employer(s): University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (1999-present)
previously: The University of Houston (1983-1999)
            Baylor College of Medicine (1981-1983)

position: Professor 
      self: Quantitative Methodologist
      job : Director of Research for the Children’s Learning Institute
job duties: Research and publication

I write programs in SAS to do: Data management, data cleaning, data analyses, results presentation

How I use SAS in my career: I began using SAS as a research tool in the early 80’s when I was working on a project at the Johnson Space Center. Since then, I have used it to teach statistics, measurement and research design courses at the University of Houston. I and my staff currently use SAS to maintain several dozen databases from a variety of research projects. We analyze the data primarily using SAS although sometimes we use other products. The results of these analyses are published in the scientific literature.

Paul R. Swank, Ph.D.

Professor, Developmental Pediatrics

Director of Research,

University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston