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How I use SAS in my career: S.James

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name: Steve James

  degree name: M.S., Computer Information Systems
  institution: Georgia State University

employers: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

  position: IT Specialist
      job : 

job duties: 

I write programs in SAS to do:

How I use SAS in my career:

I've used SAS primarily in my career for data analysis. While most of the analysis was not necessarily very sophisticated (freqs and sums) SAS was used because it was the tool I and my coworkers knew. One of the specific applications of using SAS for data analysis that I've enjoyed is using SAS/IntrNet to develop tools for querying public health data. The CDC has lots of data in SAS datasets but doesn't always have easy ways to access it. Often these data are analyzed by internal researchers who write their own ad-hoc queries, or who ask a SAS programmer to create such a report. I've used SAS to develop web applications that allow people to access the data without the need for writing ad-hoc reports. It makes the data much more accessible both in terms of how easy it is to get to and the types of queries that are provided.