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How can I simplify ETL when I only have Base SAS

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Base SAS has been used for decades to copy data from source database systems to create tables for analysis and reporting. Probably billions of lines of Base SAS code have been written for that purpose. Maintaining that code to account for table definition changes can be error-prone and tedious.

SAS Data Integration Studio (DI Studio) is a robust tool to automate the creation and maintenance of that type of code. But what if you don't have DI Studio?

This paper presents a method for using a data dictionary to automatically build the SAS code required for the task of moving and transforming data from source to target tables. Maintenance then becomes a simple matter of modifying the data dictionary, without needing to modify SAS code. This results in faster turnaround and less mistakes. The paper includes a set of SAS utility macros that are used in the automatic ETL code creation.

Online Materials

View the pdf for this paper.

Download source code with main macro and required utility macros.

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