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How to Become A Top SAS Programmer

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by Michael A. Raithel


Would you like to be a top SAS programmer? Would you like to be the person that other SAS programmers turn to for solutions to programming problems? If so, then How to Become a Top SAS Programmer, written by Michael Raithel is the book for you.

This self-help book provides invaluable strategies for enhancing your SAS programming skills and introduces you to a wide variety of SAS resources that are readily available to you. Inside this book, you will learn:

  • what makes a top SAS programmer

  • fundamentals that every top SAS programmer should master

  • ideas for advancing your SAS career within your organization

  • where to find SAS documentation to learn new programming techniques

  • how to participate in local and regional SAS user groups and SAS Global Forum

  • how to make SAS training and certification work for you

  • how to take part in SAS virtual communities to learn, contribute, and become well-known

  • …and much more

Want to increase your SAS acumen, solidify the use of SAS in your organization, be a greater benefit to your organization as a SAS programmer, contribute to the world-wide SAS community, and enjoy good career growth? Michael’s book will help the novice SAS programmer or a seasoned professional to do all that and more.

Start reading it now and become the top SAS programmer in your organization who everyone goes to for insight and guidance into the many aspects of the SAS world!

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