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Improving Your Relationship with SAS® Enterprise Guide®

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Paper 415-2013

Improving Your Relationship with SAS® Enterprise Guide®

Jennifer Bjurstrom, SAS Institute Inc.


SAS® Enterprise Guide® has proven to be a very beneficial tool for both novice and experienced SAS users. Because it is such a powerful tool, SAS Enterprise Guide has risen in popularity over the years. As a result, SAS Technical Support consultants field many calls from users who want to know the best way to use the application to accomplish a task or to obtain the results they want. This paper encompasses many of those tips that SAS Technical Support has provided to customers over the years. These tips are designed to improve your proficiency with SAS Enterprise Guide in the areas of connection and configuration, workflow preferences, logging, data source management, project files, operating-system commands, and custom tasks.

Online resources

Topics covered

Topics covered in this paper include:

  • SAS Server connection
  • SAS Server configuration
  • External file references
  • Temporary directories
  • Customising workflow preferences
  • Replacing results options
  • Controlling opening of new and updated data tables or results
  • Autoexec statements and Autoexec process flow
  • Managing the project log
  • Changing input data sources
  • Validating query syntax
  • Explicit pass-thru query options
  • Multiple process flows
  • Using ordered lists to control task run order
  • Process flow notes
  • Customising workspace layouts
  • Backing up projects
  • Credentials for scheduling projects
  • Scheduling projects (using Windows Task Scheduler to execute Visual Basic script files)
  • Using operating system commands
  • Exporting to Excel 2007/2010 (*.xlsx) files
  • Copying files to and from the server
  • Searching projects with the EGPSEARCH tool