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In Memoriam David Johnson 1956 to 2008

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David Johnson.jpg

Above picture was taken at SUGI 31 in 2006 for SAS Global Forum 2007.

The following links were provided by David's wife, Kim Visek-Johnson, to share with the SAS Community.

David's Support of the SAS Community

SAS Conferences


Bloggers Corner Post

Favorite Memories

Please post any of your favorite memories of David under the Discussion tab.

For personal messages, email Kim Visek-Johnson.


Should you want to make a donation to one of David’s favorite charities, Kim Visek-Johnson provided the following suggestion:

"However he did follow the progress of a charity that was very pertinent to him over the last 15 months. The Royal Melbourne Hospital Neuroscience Foundation conducts research into Brain disorders. If you wish to find out more about them, they have a website and contributions maybe made via that site."

With David’s varied interest, I suspect that any donation to any of your favorite charities would serve the same purpose.

About this page

For the past several months, I’ve had a letter in my head for David that I never put to paper. I heard about David’s illness in San Antonio at the Kickback Party. After his passing, I contacted David’s wife, Kim, for information on his favorite charity and to share a memory: during a cab ride with him at SUGI 29 (Montreal) he said something to me that has forever changed my perspective about myself. David’s wife shared that “he had a habit of influencing people's lives with profound statements.”

With this electronic world and different SAS user group events, I realized that many of David’s friends and colleagues will find out about his passing at different times, possibly quite a while after his death. I thought that could serve as the thread to all of these different worlds. I’ve let David’s wife know how to set up a watch on this page.

I’m not sure when I first met David, but I believe it was in early 2000. I was co-section chair of Posters with Tracy Cermack and he had volunteered to be a Poster Judge for SUGI 25 (Indianapolis). After he volunteered, I remember him posting to SAS-L about things to do with a young child in Indianapolis. In the early 90’s, I had seriously considered relocating to Indianapolis with my small children and I had researched all kinds of ideas. It was great to be able to pass on that information, but the joy was in how appreciative he was of my detailed work.

Even before reading David’s eulogy, I knew I’d always remember him as being exuberant!

David was truly loved in the SAS community, and he will be missed.

Kim LeBouton
September 24, 2008