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Base SAS functions

ABS Function ADDR Function ADDRLONG Function AIRY Function ALLCOMB Function ALLPERM Function ANYALNUM Function ANYALPHA Function ANYCNTRL Function ANYDIGIT Function ANYFIRST Function ANYGRAPH Function ANYLOWER Function ANYNAME Function ANYPRINT Function ANYPUNCT Function ANYSPACE Function ANYUPPER Function ANYXDIGIT Function ARCOS Function ARCOSH Function ARSIN Function ARSINH Function ARTANH Function ATAN Function ATAN2 Function ATTRC Function ATTRN Function BAND Function BETA Function BETAINV Function BLACKCLPRC Function BLACKPTPRC Function BLKSHCLPRC Function BLKSHPTPRC Function BLSHIFT Function BNOT Function BOR Function BRSHIFT Function BXOR Function BYTE Function CALL ALLCOMB Routine CALL ALLCOMBI Routine CALL ALLPERM Routine CALL CATS Routine CALL CATT Routine CALL CATX Routine CALL COMPCOST Routine CALL EXECUTE Routine CALL GRAYCODE Routine CALL IS8601_CONVERT Routine CALL LABEL Routine CALL LEXCOMB Routine CALL LEXCOMBI Routine CALL LEXPERK Routine CALL LEXPERM Routine CALL LOGISTIC Routine CALL MISSING Routine CALL MODULE Routine CALL POKE Routine CALL POKELONG Routine CALL PRXCHANGE Routine CALL PRXDEBUG Routine CALL PRXFREE Routine CALL PRXNEXT Routine CALL PRXPOSN Routine CALL PRXSUBSTR Routine CALL RANBIN Routine CALL RANCAU Routine CALL RANCOMB Routine CALL RANEXP Routine CALL RANGAM Routine CALL RANNOR Routine CALL RANPERK Routine CALL RANPERM Routine CALL RANPOI Routine CALL RANTBL Routine CALL RANTRI Routine CALL RANUNI Routine CALL SCAN Routine CALL SET Routine CALL SLEEP Routine CALL SOFTMAX Routine CALL SORTC Routine CALL SORTN Routine CALL STDIZE Routine CALL STREAMINIT Routine CALL SYMPUT Routine CALL SYMPUTX Routine CALL SYSTEM Routine CALL TANH Routine CALL VNAME Routine CALL VNEXT Routine CAT Function CATQ Function CATS Function CATT Function CATX Function CDF Function CEIL Function CEILZ Function CEXIST Function CHAR Function CHOOSEC Function CHOOSEN Function CINV Function CLOSE Function CMISS Function CNONCT Function COALESCE Function COALESCEC Function COLLATE Function COMB Function COMPARE Function COMPBL Function COMPFUZZ Function COMPGED Function COMPLEV Function COMPOUND Function COMPRESS Function CONSTANT Function CONVX Function CONVXP Function COS Function COSH Function COUNT Function COUNTC Function COUNTW Function CSS Function CUMIPMT Function CUMPRINC Function CUROBS Function CV Function DACCDB Function DACCDBSL Function DACCSL Function DACCSYD Function DACCTAB Function DAIRY Function DATDIF Function DATE Function DATEJUL Function DATEPART Function DATETIME Function DAY Function DCLOSE Function DCREATE Function DEPDB Function DEPDBSL Function DEPSL Function DEPSYD Function DEPTAB Function DEQUOTE Function DEVIANCE Function DHMS Function DIF Function DIGAMMA Function DIM Function DINFO Function DIVIDE Function DNUM Function DOPEN Function DOPTNAME Function DOPTNUM Function DREAD Function DROPNOTE Function DSNAME Function DUR Function DURP Function EFFRATE Function ENVLEN Function ERF Function ERFC Function EUCLID Function EXIST Function EXP Function FACT Function FAPPEND Function FCLOSE Function FCOL Function FDELETE Function FETCH Function FETCHOBS Function FEXIST Function FGET Function FILEEXIST Function FILENAME Function FILEREF Function FINANCE Function FIND Function FINDC Function FINDW Function FINFO Function FINV Function FIPNAME Function FIPNAMEL Function FIPSTATE Function FIRST Function FLOOR Function FLOORZ Function FNONCT Function FNOTE Function FOPEN Function FOPTNAME Function FOPTNUM Function FPOINT Function FPOS Function FPUT Function FREAD Function FREWIND Function FRLEN Function FSEP Function FUZZ Function FWRITE Function GAMINV Function GAMMA Function GARKHCLPRC Function GARKHPTPRC Function GCD Function GEODIST Function GEOMEAN Function GEOMEANZ Function GETOPTION Function GETVARC Function GETVARN Function GRAYCODE Function HARMEAN Function HARMEANZ Function HBOUND Function HMS Function HOLIDAY Function HOUR Function HTMLDECODE Function HTMLENCODE Function IBESSEL Function IFC Function IFN Function INDEX Function INDEXC Function INDEXW Function INPUT Function INPUTC Function INPUTN Function INT Function INTCINDEX Function INTCK Function INTCYCLE Function INTFIT Function INTFMT Function INTGET Function INTINDEX Function INTNX Function INTRR Function INTSEAS Function INTSHIFT Function INTTEST Function INTZ Function IORCMSG Function IPMT Function IQR Function IRR Function JBESSEL Function JULDATE Function JULDATE7 Function KURTOSIS Function LAG Function LARGEST Function LBOUND Function LCM Function LCOMB Function LEFT Function LENGTH Function LENGTHC Function LENGTHM Function LENGTHN Function LEXCOMB Function LEXCOMBI Function LEXPERK Function LEXPERM Function LFACT Function LGAMMA Function LIBNAME Function LIBREF Function LOG Function LOG1PX Function LOG10 Function LOG2 Function LOGBETA Function LOGCDF Function LOGPDF Function LOGSDF Function LOWCASE Function LPERM Function LPNORM Function MAD Function MARGRCLPRC Function MARGRPTPRC Function MAX Function MD5 Function MDY Function MEAN Function MEDIAN Function MIN Function MINUTE Function MISSING Function MOD Function MODEXIST Function MODULEC Function MODULEN Function MODZ Function MONTH Function MONOTONIC Function MOPEN Function MORT Function MSPLINT Function MVALID Function N Function NETPV Function NLITERAL Function NMISS Function NOMRATE Function NORMAL Function NOTALNUM Function NOTALPHA Function NOTCNTRL Function NOTDIGIT Function NOTE Function NOTFIRST Function NOTGRAPH Function NOTLOWER Function NOTNAME Function NOTPRINT Function NOTPUNCT Function NOTSPACE Function NOTUPPER Function NOTXDIGIT Function NPV Function NVALID Function NWKDOM Function OPEN Function ORDINAL Function PATHNAME Function PCTL Function PDF Function PEEK Function PEEKC Function PEEKCLONG Function PEEKLONG Function PERM Function PMT Function POINT Function POISSON Function PPMT Function PROBBETA Function PROBBNML Function PROBBNRM Function PROBCHI Function PROBF Function PROBGAM Function PROBHYPR Function PROBIT Function PROBMC Function PROBNEGB Function PROBNORM Function PROBT Function PROPCASE Function PRXCHANGE Function PRXMATCH Function PRXPAREN Function PRXPARSE Function PRXPOSN Function PTRLONGADD Function PUT Function PUTC Function PUTN Function PVP Function QTR Function QUANTILE Function QUOTE Function RANBIN Function RANCAU Function RAND Function RANEXP Function RANGAM Function RANGE Function RANK Function RANNOR Function RANPOI Function RANTBL Function RANTRI Function RANUNI Function RENAME Function REPEAT Function RESOLVE Function REVERSE Function REWIND Function RIGHT Function RMS Function ROUND Function ROUNDE Function ROUNDZ Function SAVING Function SAVINGS Function SCAN Function SDF Function SECOND Function SIGN Function SIN Function SINH Function SKEWNESS Function SLEEP Function SMALLEST Function SOAPWEB Function SOAPWEBMETA Function SOAPWIPSERVICE Function SOAPWIPSRS Function SOAPWS Function SOAPWSMETA Function SOUNDEX Function SPEDIS Function SQRT Function SQUANTILE Function STD Function STDERR Function STFIPS Function STNAME Function STNAMEL Function STRIP Function SUBPAD Function SUBSTR (left of =) Function SUBSTR (right of =) Function SUBSTRN Function SUM Function SUMABS Function SYMEXIST Function SYMGET Function SYMGLOBL Function SYMLOCAL Function SYSEXIST Function SYSGET Function SYSMSG Function SYSPARM Function SYSPROCESSID Function SYSPROCESSNAME Function SYSPROD Function SYSRC Function SYSTEM Function TAN Function TANH Function TIME Function TIMEPART Function TIMEVALUE Function TINV Function TNONCT Function TODAY Function TRANSLATE Function TRANSTRN Function TRANWRD Function TRIGAMMA Function TRIM Function TRIMN Function TRUNC Function UNIFORM Function UPCASE Function URLDECODE Function URLENCODE Function USS Function UUIDGEN Function VAR Function VARFMT Function VARINFMT Function VARLABEL Function VARLEN Function VARNAME Function VARNUM Function VARRAY Function VARRAYX Function VARTYPE Function VERIFY Function VFORMAT Function VFORMATD Function VFORMATDX Function VFORMATN Function VFORMATNX Function VFORMATW Function VFORMATWX Function VFORMATX Function VINARRAY Function VINARRAYX Function VINFORMAT Function VINFORMATD Function VINFORMATDX Function VINFORMATN Function VINFORMATNX Function VINFORMATW Function VINFORMATWX Function VINFORMATX Function VLABEL Function VLABELX Function VLENGTH Function VLENGTHX Function VNAME Function VNAMEX Function VTYPE Function VTYPEX Function VVALUE Function VVALUEX Function WAKEUP Function WEEK Function WEEKDAY Function WHICHC Function WHICHN Function YEAR Function YIELDP Function YRDIF Function YYQ Function ZIPCITY Function ZIPCITYDISTANCE Function ZIPFIPS Function ZIPNAME Function ZIPNAMEL Function ZIPSTATE Function

SAS Functions and Call Routines : Version 9.3, Version 9.4.

Macro functions

Macro functions return text that can be interpreted as SAS code.

SAS Macro Functions - in Version 9.3, in Version 9.4

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