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SAS System Performance Benchmark Testing

Accurate CPU, Memory and I/O Evaluation Index for SAS®

  • Detail PQ report used for performance qualification in SAS upgrade validation and new installations.
  • Platform Independent Performance Testing for Comparisons.
  • Evaluate SAS Specific System Functionality Including BASE and Statistical Procedures.
  • Single and Multi Threaded Performance for Real World Evaluation of SAS Usage.
  • CPU, Memory and I/O Metrics for Easy Evaluation.

Free Download for Windows

Informed Evaluation

InstallPQ is developed specifically for SAS and is supported on most operating systems which SAS executes on. This includes OS such as Windows and UNIX. This is used to evaluate the performance of a SAS installation used in an performance qualification (PQ) which accompanies an installation and operational qualification (IQ/OQ). The information provided allows you to evaluate how SAS is performing on your hardware and is an essential tool system tuning and optimizing system architect.

User Friendly

The benchmark can be produced in a user friendly report from either running a script or applying a few clicks with graphical user interface. This can be executed by any system administrator or end user.

Full System Testing

The benchmark consists of testing most of the functions and procedure call of the SAS System. It also includes a single threaded test to simulate a single user and a multi-threaded test representing performance of a group of users. The results are therefore representative of the system's functionality in real world applications.

Desktop Screenshots

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Published Papers related to InstallPQ

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