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Integrated Marketing with SAS® in the Age of Real Time

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Real-time, integrated marketing solutions are a necessity for maintaining your competitive advantage. This paper provides a brief overview of three SAS solutions (SAS® Marketing Automation, SAS® Real-Time Decision Manager, and SAS® Event Stream Processing) that form a basis for building a modern, real-time, interactive marketing platform.

  • It presents typical (and also possible) use cases that you can implement with a comprehensive real-time interactive marketing solution, in major industries like finance (banking), telco, and retail.
  • It demonstrates typical functional architectures that need to be implemented to support business cases (how solution components collaborate with customer’s IT landscape and with each other).
  • And it provides examples of our experience in implementing these solutions—do’s and don’ts, best practices, and what to expect from an implementation project.

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View the pdf for Creating Integrated Marketing with SAS® in the Age of Real Time.

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