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Invitation: Online Communities Meet-Up

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Meetup Opportunity for Online Peers

As you are deciding how to best manage your time at SAS Global Forum 2014, consider attending the Online Communities Meet-up.

The meeting will he held Tuesday, Mar 25, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM – Chesapeake A-C. Add it to your Online Communities Meet-up SAS Global Forum 2014 Agenda.

If you are new to SAS Global Forum, a meetup is where those of us with similar interests get together to meet each other, talk about our similarities/ differences/highlights/etc.

What's Different This Year

This particular meetup is for ALL of the SAS user on-line forums. We only have 90 minutes (the first 30 minutes are for food, drink and socializing), thus we had to limit the number of formal (?) presentations--but SAS-L, the SAS Discussion Forums,,, the SASProfessionalsForum (LinkedIn) and SASCanadaCommunity will all be represented. If you ever post to, or read, the posts on any of those forums, this is your chance to personally meet your colleagues. And, of course, there will be the always popular SAS-L award presentations and the annual book drive auction.

Auction Item

This year's auction item will be a full set of the original SUGI proceedings. We already have all of the originals for 1977 thru 1996, and we have been assured (by Kathy Council) that we will either have an original 1976 edition or a copy that has been autographed by Jim Goodnight, John Sall, and J. Philip Miller (i.e., three of the presenters at that first conference). All proceeds from the auction go to the conference's book drive.
Get Your Bookcase Ready!     Make that Bookcases!
Get Your Bookcase (s) Ready!

Food? Drinks? Yes

Join fellow community members and peers for drinks and hors d'oeuvres at SAS Global Forum as well as an agenda full of rich content and a chance to meet many of your colleagues in person!

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