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Invitation: SAS user on-line forums meetup 2013

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Meetup Opportunity for Online Peers

As you are deciding how to best manage your time at SAS Global Forum 2013, consider attending the SAS user online-forum meetup that will be held April 30th Tuesday night between 6:30pm and 8:00pm.

If you are new to SAS Global Forum, a meetup is where those of us with similar interests get together to meet each other, talk about our similarities/ differences/highlights/etc. There will be a bulletin board in the conference registration area where you can sign up and find out where the meetup will be held.

This particular meetup is for ALL of the SAS user on-line forums. We only have 90 minutes, thus had to limit the number of formal (?) presentations--but SAS-L, the SAS Discussion Forums,, SAS Professionals, the SASProfessionalsForum and SASCanadaCommunity will all be represented.

Hat Auction!

If you’ve ever wanted to own one of Ron Fehd’s famous SAS Global Forum hats, one will be auctioned off at the meetup, with the proceeds going to the annual SGF bookdrive.

Rfehd.jpg Rfehd2.jpgRfehd3.jpg
Ron Fehd, known for his Macros...and also his Hats

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