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Is your picture worth a thousand words? Creating Effective Presentations with SAS/GRAPH

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SAS/GRAPH® contains an abundance of procedures and options that can be used to create any number of types of graphical output. And if that is not enough, with the capabilities of the Annotate facility, the sky and your imagination may be the only limits to your graphical creations.

The problem is that all of this power and flexibility may not result in output that conveys the intended message. Graphical presentation of data, when done well can enlighten and inform, but when done poorly can confuse or mislead.

Since effective communication should always be the goal of each graph and chart, this paper will present effective techniques that can be incorporated into SAS/GRAPH programs and will discuss some techniques to be avoided when creating graphical output. Application of these ideas will enable you to design useful and informative presentations that maximize the level of information transfer and ensure that your pictures are truly worth a thousand words.

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