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Kenney IS Consulting Inc

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Kenney IS Consulting, Inc. provides data processing, office automation, and statistical programming to the Health Care, Energy, and Transportation industry. The principle of the firm, Timothy A. Kenney, has over 29 years experience in the field, both in management and in application development.

Founded in 1998, incorporated January 1, 1999, Kenney IS Consulting, Inc. has been dealing with highly sensitive data for nine years. Our clients include Southern California Edison, MEDSTAT, University of California at Santa Barbara, Long Beach Memorial Medical Center, Integral Health Decisions, Inc., and Friedman Research Corporation. We meet the confidentiality, training, and security requirements of a HIPAA Business Associate for several of these clients.

We currently license the BASE, STAT, and IML products from SAS. We also have license agreements with SUDAAN and SyncSort, as well as the Microsoft operating systems and office software.

Our principle, Mr. Kenney, performs a variety of services for his clients, based on their needs. Currently he is working with Thomson/MEDSTAT providing programming support on two large projects, the NCQA health plan audits, and the development and deployment of The National Healthcare Quality Report and The National Healthcare Disparities Report.

For a transportation client, Friedman Research, Incorporated, Mr. Kenney serves as a statistical consultant and programmer, mining state and federal accident data to produce summary statistics in support of research on severity of injury for occupants involved in collisions.

For Long Beach Memorial Hospital, Mr. Kenney is providing automation support to the accounting group for a model that estimates the costs associated with a for profit business unit in the organization. This involves both technical skills as well as management and business skills, as the information for the model comes from a variety of sources in the organization, and must be audited with every iteration.

For Southern California Edison, Kenney IS Consulting, Inc. provides quarterly cost summarizations for all claims submitted to several payers that provide services to SCE employees. Kenney IS Consulting, Inc. receives, cleans, and summarizes claims data to HIPAA compliant cost summary reports by employee groups, by service month and payment month.

In addition, Kenney IS Consulting, Inc. provides on-site training for the SAS product, as well as documentation and management consulting. We also build and configure custom hardware/software solutions for clients, as needed.

Contact us via email at: E-mail or by phone at: (805) 646 9982 or mail at:

 Kenney IS Consulting, Inc.
 109 N Montgomery St.
 Suite D
 Ojai, CA    93023

Thank You.