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Lex Jansen started using SAS in 1992. Currently he is a Software Developer at SAS Health and Life Sciences, Research & Development. Before joining SAS he was a Senior Consultant, Clinical Data Strategies at Octagon Research Solutions, Inc. In this position Lex worked on client consulting projects dealing with the assessment, design and/or implementation of CDISC data standards.

Lex has presented many papers at SAS usergroup conferences:

On his website SAS users can search almost 24,000 SAS presentations that were presented at NESUG, PharmaSUG, PhUSE,SAS Global Forum (former SUGI) and other SAS conferences. Also, CDISC related SAS proceedings can be viewed.

When he is not occupied with SAS he likes to listen to his music collection. His website is also the home of the Heart of Rock and Soul and the Fortune Records story.

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