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Library and File Management: Building a Dynamic Application

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In order for a SAS® application to be dynamic, it must be able to automatically find the programs that make it work and the data that it is to work against. It must know where to write its output and where to store any new data sets that it creates. More importantly it must do these things without intervention on the part of the user. Even more importantly the application must not confuse the components of one project or task with those of another. The structure and organization of the libraries and directories is central to this ability.

Dynamic applications are written to be portable across projects and a key component of the application must necessarily be the structure and location of appropriate files and libraries. While many different styles of organization are possible, a high degree of organization is required. Of course you will need to know what type and how much structure is required for your projects.

This paper discusses the issues surrounding the organization of the libraries and directories associated with a dynamic application.

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