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Local User Groups Sample Page

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This is a sample page than can be used a model to create pages for local user groups.

Just copy the text below using cut-paste and fill in the values/text as appropriate. Feel free to add new sections or text as needed. Likewise, delete sections that don't apply to your local user's group. Don't remove the category tag as that is what will cause your page to appear in the list of Local User Groups.

Tip: If there is not already a Page with your group name, use the name of the group as the page name and click Create a New Article at the left of the page.

== Overview ==
A one or two sentence description of your user group.

== Management ==
* Provide some details about how your group is managed?
* Is there a board for it?
* Are there membership fees? 
** If so, how much are they?

== Web Site ==
Visit our [http://your-web-site web-site] for more details.

If you copy content from there to here, the site search engine will find it.

== Next Meeting ==
Details about your next meeting.

== Prior Meetings ==
A list of recent meetings with links to the presentations and presenters as appropriate.

[[Category:Local User Groups]]