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Los Angeles Basin SAS Users Group/BestThing

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Some might argue that the best thing about attending SAS LA Forum is that they get to learn new SAS knowledge and discuss SAS related issues. That's really great, but it's not the BEST thing.

Others might say that they really enjoy the quality presentations from fellow SAS users. Thank you to all of our past presenters over the years. We love the presentations, but that's still not the BEST reason to come to the meeting.

You might guess that the reason to come out and brave LA traffic is to see the always inspiring and high quality presentations put on by SAS. They are great presentations, but that is still not the BEST thing about attending the conference.

The cynical among us might argue that they enjoy the opportunity to miss a day work and have a yummy lunch (but we all love our jobs so that wouldn't be politically correct). And anyhow, that's still not the BEST thing.

Well, you might be wondering, is it the giveaways then? But not the best reason to come out.

Give up yet? Well, it's obvious, really. The best reason to make the effort, brave the traffic, miss a day of work, and come to the annual SAS user group meeting is to network, hang out with, gossip and collaborate with fellow SAS users!! Sure, there are bigger conferences with more SAS users, but this conference affords you the opportunity to meet other users here in our lovely community of Los Angeles.