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Los Angeles Basin SAS Users Group/Space

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Starting in 2009, Los Angeles Basin SAS Users Group began to use only free space available in the Los Angeles area to host SAS LA Forum <yyyy>. We are also trying to only use your space every three years.

Before contacting [Coordinator], please verify the following.

  • Room to hold at least 100 attendees, preferably free
  • No/Low cost audio visual equipment (projection monitor/screen/microphone). If there is a cost, please provide suggested vendor and a estimate of fees.
  • Low cost food service or access to local dining. Please provide available menus and/or local dining options (OpenTable or YELP is fine).
    • Another issue that can add to planning timeline is payment for dining. Some organizations allow direct payment by organization while others require that a cost center be set up.
  • No/Low cost access to chairs and tables. If there is a cost, please provide suggested vendor and a estimate of fees.
  • Parking (no/low cost) within easy walking distance. This may include access to shuttle service.
  • Preferred scheduling is June through August.
    • We are required to not hold a meeting +/- one week from Western Users of SAS Software.
    • Thursdays and Fridays work best, but we’re open to any business day of the week.

If your organization can host a meeting, we will provide 20 complimentary full day passes. Space available above 100 will be negotiated with organizations.