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MMS Holdings Inc. to host Michigan SAS Users Group Meeting

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Canton, MI. (September 14, 2009) - MMS Holdings Inc., a pharmaceutical service organization, announces the hosting of the Michigan SAS Users Group (MISUG) Fall meeting. The MISUG is organized to further the interests of programmers and users of the SAS Software System in Michigan. Members share information on building applications with SAS Software and how to better use programming tools and user interfaces. This meeting will occur on November 5th, 2009 from 2PM to 4:30PM. Among other distinguished speakers, Michelle Gayari, Director of Operations at MMS, will give a presentation on “Utilizing SAS for Efficient Coding.” The cost is free and open to all those interested in attending. Please go to to find out more information on this event.

About MMS Holdings Inc. MMS Holdings Inc. is based in Canton, MI and is a highly experienced pharmaceutical service organization that is focused on quality deliverables in the areas of Clinical Programming, Biostatistics, Medical /Regulatory Writing and Comprehensive Pharmacovigilance. Commitment to Quality deliverables with robust submission experience sets MMS apart from traditional service providers. MMS Holdings Inc. is ISO-9001:2008 certified for all services and maintains detailed quality metrics for every project. For more information visit:

Media Contact: Don McLean MMS Holdings Inc.