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libname pclib "C:\TEMP";
rsubmit inheritlib=(pclib);
proc summary nway data=pclib.shoeaud(where=(region="Canada"));
   class region product subsidiary;
   var   sales  returns;
   output out=sumshoes sum=;

Did you know that using SAS/CONNECT, you can have a program running on a server "reach back" and process data directly from a SAS data set on your client machine (workstation)? The aptly-named INHERITLIB (SAS 9.2) option allows a remotely-running SAS program to process data from your workstation or network as if it were local to the remote server. Using the INHERITLIB option obviates the need for you to use PROC UPLOAD to send your data to the remote server for processing. That can be handy when you do not want to have multiple copies of a data set spread across your various computing platforms.

The INHERITLIB option can be coded on either the RSUBMIT or the SIGNON statement. See the example at right where we are allocating the "C:\temp" directory to the "PCLIB" libref in our local SAS session. Thereafter, we RSUBMIT a simple PROC SUMMARY that will run on our Linux server. The RSUBMIT statement specifies that the remote session is to "inherit" the PCLIB libref. So, when the SUMMARY procedure executes on the remote Linux server, it "reaches back" to the workstation and drags the relevant observations across the network to the waiting SUMMARY procedure running on the Linux server. Pretty neat, eh?

Of course, you need to weigh any additional network traffic associated with remote servers processing local data against any gains realized by using the INHERITLIB option. But you already knew that, didn't you?!

Submitted by Michael A. Raithel, The man who wrote the book on performance. Contact me at my Discussion Page.

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