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Manual to Automatic: Changing Your Program’s Transmission

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You have successfully created a SAS® program that processes data and generates reports for a series items in the data. The program itself works fine, but the problem is that each time the program is executed, it must be manually modified specifically for that run. Perhaps the analysis variable changes or perhaps the name of the report’s PDF file must reflect the name of the incoming data set. Making manual changes once in awhile is bothersome, but not onerous. But if find yourself making a great many of these manual changes, the process becomes both tedious and error prone.

Through the use of the macro language, SAS has the power make the necessary changes to your program on the fly, automatically, without manual intervention. Learning how to convert a program from one that needs manual modifications to one that adjusts and runs automatically is not difficult. Not difficult that is, if you know the steps. This paper walks you through the steps, that you can follow, to convert your program’s transmission from manual to automatic.

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