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Many Uses of SQL Subqueries, Part II

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by Tasha Chapman

This paper acquaints the reader with SQL subqueries, and provides some basic examples of how they might be used.

Subqueries are very useful tools in SQL. A subquery is an embedded query nested within another query. They’re most often used when a particular value that is needed for the outer query is unknown, but can be searched for using an SQL query. This paper is the second in a series about using SQL subqueries in SAS and focuses on using subqueries with CASE/WHEN logic and group functions.

Example SAS code:

Part one of the series can be found here.

Portions of this paper were presented at the Western Users of SAS Software (WUSS) 2011 Conference in San Francisco, California. (Winner - Best Contributed Paper)
Presented at a Puget Sound SAS Users Group meeting.
Presented at a State of Oregon SAS Users Group meeting.
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