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SAS has several procedures specifically for processing and drawing maps.


SAS/GRAPH procedures

GEOCODE Procedure 
for geocoding locations based on ZIP codes, street addresses, city names or other location information.
GINSIDE Procedure 
for determining which map polygon, or area, a geographic map co-ordinate falls inside.
GMAP Procedure 
for plotting maps with response data.
GPROJECT Procedure 
for projecting geographic co-ordinates onto a map projection.
GREDUCE Procedure 
for calculating the density of the nodes in a map dataset so that the detail plotted by the GMAP procedure can be reduced.
GREMOVE Procedure 
for removing internal boundaries in a map dataset so that map areas can be combined or grouped together.
MAPIMPORT Procedure 
for importing map data.

SAS/GIS procedures

GIS Procedure 
creates and maintains the spatial databases that are used by SAS/GIS software.

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