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Meet the SAS Press Authors

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Tuesday 17APR2007 During SAS Global Forum

Have you ever wanted to meet a bone fida, honest to gosh, gen-u-ine SAS book author? Well, if you are going to be attending SAS Global Forum 2007, then your chance is here! The following event has been scheduled:

        Meet the Authors: Tuesday, 6:00-7:30 pm,
        SAS Press booth in the SAS Publishing area of the demo room.

There will be scads of SAS Press authors on-hand to chat about all things SAS and their books, too. The collection of SAS-oriented brain power in the SAS Press booth at that time will be staggering!

So, be sure to mark that event in your calendar, your Daytimer, your PDA, your cell phone, on the back of your left hand, and on your SAS Global Forum Agenda Builder. I, for one, would like to meet you and talk about... SAS programming of course!

BTW, the SAS Press booth is a great place to meet the SAS Press staff and pitch that SAS book that you have been dreaming about writing for the last three years. C'mon; what are you waiting for?

Best of luck in all of your SAS endeavors!

I hope that this suggestion proves helpful now, and in the future!

Thanks to Michael Raithel for a posting on SAS-L