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Meta-Xceed, Inc

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Meta-Xceed Background

Meta-Xceed, Ind. (MXI) is a company headquartered in San Jose, CA with outsourcing capabilities in Vietnam. MXI was incorporated 1997 with Software Consulting Services and IT Support. We provide talented resources that deliver high quality IT services, software development and consulting.

Since 1997, MXI (Meta-Xceed Inc.) is dedicated to creating innovative software solutions and services for companies in the clinical research field: Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Contract Research Organizations and Medical Device companies. MXI specializes in software and services in biostatistics, validation with compliance to CDISC and CFR Part 11, clinical data management, medical writing, and project management. Meta-Xceed's software tools tremendously reduce the time for pharmaceutical and biotech companies in preparing their submissions to the FDA.

Understanding Clinical Data

Meta-Xceed has consulted with many pharmaceutical, biotechnology and CRO companies, contributing to its in-depth understanding of the intricacies of clinical data. This knowledge is pivotal to the understanding of how data is captured within a data management system and transformed in a data warehouse before being distilled into an electronic submission. All of Meta-Xceed's software tools were developed from this industry experience to deliver systems that are easy to use and optimize workflow.

MXI Software Solutions

  • CDISC Builder - CDISC Builder is a suite of tools which optimize the creation of your CDISC submission datasets.
  • Transdata - Transdata is a tool that can be used to efficiently transform your SAS data into standards. This is used for projects such as moving towards data standards such as CDISC or larger analysis such as an integrated safety summary (ISS) where multiple data structures needs to be transformed.
  • Definedoc - Definedoc contains macros and interactive tools which automate the process of documenting your electronic submission datasets. It will generate your DEFINE.PDF and DEFINE.XML files with little extra efforts.
  • Sy/Validate - Sy/Validate is a user-friendly verification and validation tool for SAS programs. It automates the task of creating an audit trail of programs directly within Windows Explorer. This tool has many features that will enable your programs to be CFR Part 11 compliant.
  • Sy/Map - Sy/Map is a user-friendly adverse event coding system used for with the MedDRA dictionary. It provides a web-based interface for making your mapping decisions. All decisions made are stored so future efforts will be lessened.
  • Clinical SMS - Clinical SMS is a data management system that can be used manage serious adverse events.  It is delivered through a browser and has minimal requirements from the user.  It is simple to use yet powerful since it can execute SAS queries and stores data in SAS datasets. 
  • Clustreon - Clustreon is a set of user-friendly tools to batch submit your SAS programs. It is accomplished through Windows Explorer so it is familiar to users.
  • Sy/Data - Sy/Data is a set of tools  which gives you the ability to maintain quality and integrity of your data. The auditing and versioning ensure that data is never lost. The verification and comparisons help enforce data standards.
  • Sy/Code Optimizer - Sy/Code Optimizer is set of tools containing SAS macros and interactive applications which give you the ability to more efficiently develop SAS programs. The management of macros, programs and output are optimized and enhanced through these tools.
  • Trialex System™ - Trialex System™ is a Web-based clinical information management system designed for biotech and pharmaceutical data. It is a collaborative tool for effective data warehousing and electronic submission within an intranet. Trialex System delivers an intuitive interface to the analysis and reporting of clinical information. This feature rich system creates a standardized environment for implementing a production information management system.
  • Trialex Toolkit - Trialex Toolkit is a set of macros that will optimize your analysis and reporting of clinical data. It allows statistical programmers and biostatisticians to script repetitive tasks. It also sets standards so that your reports and analysis datasets are more consistent and error free.
  • Trialex Plugin™ - Automate the generation of SAS reports with TOC directly from MS Word.
  • Syview - Syview is a viewer for SAS datasets.
  • ThesaurusQA - ThesaurusQA is a set of tools that allows you to manage the quality of your adverse event and drug thesaurus mapping and coded terminology. This is particularly challenging when working with CROs and trying to reconcile their mapping decisions. The mapping from one set of data from a CRO may conflict with another set from other CROs or from your own internal mapping decisions. ThesaurusQA delivers tools that help you reconcile these differences in order to maintain global and project specific standards that enable consistent and accurate mapping.
  • Statmark - Statmark is developed specifically for SAS and is supported on most operating systems which SAS executes on. This includes OS such as Windows and UNIX. This provides a fair comparison for deciding on capital expenses on hardware and is an essential tool system tuning and optimizing system architect.
  • MXI Plugin - Access SAS datasets and run macros dynamically directly from MS Excel.
  • CDISC Reports - Generate standard clinical reports from CDISC data models.
  • ExtractOC - Automate the data extract from Oracle Clinical to SAS with Validation.
  • BI Flash - BI Flash is an iPhone application that allows you to view SAS data and run reports on a SAS server which is then delivered to your iPhone.