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My Favorite SAS Enterprise Guide 5.1 Tricks

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Whether you're new to SAS Enterprise Guide or simply new to version 5.1 and above, you'll find these tips and tricks easy to learn and implement.

First, SAS expert and SAS Global Forum 2014 Conference Chair Marje Fecht will present her favorite SAS Enterprise Guide 5.1 tricks. Then, stay tuned as SAS Product Manager I-Kong Fu shares some tips for SAS Enterprise Guide 6.1.

You'll learn tips and tricks related to:

  • SAS Enterprise Guide Data Explorer.
  • Formatting Code (Cleaning up after your co-workers).
  • The Enhanced Programming Environment.
  • Workspace Layout.
  • Startup Processing.
  • Documentation (Leaving notes to help your co-workers use your processes).

Online Materials

View the video at

SAS/Talks Video

View the Q+A and discussions at

Chris Hemedinger's BLOG post on the talk

Contact Info

Feel free to email Marje courtesy of the sasCommunity site