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New Leadership Council for the SAS Community

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From the beginning, SAS has had a strong tie to its users – more than 300 people attended the first SAS® users conference in 1976.

Just as SAS software has evolved over the years, so has the SAS user community. The growth has led the SAS Global User Group Executive Board and SAS leaders to continue that evolution by creating the SAS Leadership Council.

This group will serve the SAS community – users, customers and SAS – by developing new opportunities, soliciting input, acting as a sounding board, and promoting year-round participation in conferences, online events and social media. The SAS Leadership Council will consist of seven members from the SAS user community and six SAS executives.

One of the first actions for the Council will be to recommend the formation of Joint Advisory Teams (JATs) that will focus on both short- and long-term projects; JATs will include both SAS and customer representatives.

The inaugural SAS Leadership Council meeting will be held in September. An interim group consisting of SAS Global Users Group Executive Board members and SAS representatives created the selection process for the inaugural SAS Leadership Council.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to email the SAS Leadership Council